Celso ‘ganged-up’ in BBL Bicam Print
Saturday, 14 July 2018 16:32

By Bhong Simbajon

District II Congressman Celso Lobregat was grilled and ‘ganged-up’ by some of his  colleagues during the series of hearings in the Bicameral Conference Committee which is now being conducted in the House of Representatives.

In the 14-hour Bicam meeting on Thursday night which was participated by the 27 members of the combined Senate panel headed by Senator Koko Pimentel and the House panel led by Majority Leader Rudy Fatiñas, Congressman Lobregat did not get an easy nod on the contested provisions he is pushing for in order to protect Zamboanga City's interest.

Most of the coleagues of Lobregat in the Bicam who are in favor on an un-amended version of Republic Act 6475 vehemently opposed his justification on certain lawful provisions and to the extend got even personal to him in most instances which caused several undue postponement of the lengthy and crucial proceedings untill dawn of the next day.

Senator Miguel Zubiri described the Bicam proceedings as "very bloody" and Lobregat's punches on constitutional provisions counted much in convincing the majority of the senate panel therein.

"Magaling at matibay ang paninindigan ni Manong Celso sa posisyon nya on BBL protecting not only Zamboanga's interest but Mindanao and the country as well, your city is lucky to have him fighting for your right to the last battle," Zubiri said in a media interview.

Zubiri said that majority of the provisions raised by Lobregat has been taken into consideration, because for him, those are vital in passing a Bangsamoro law which will not jeopardize the constitutionality and even democracy of the country.

Zubiri said that like him who is a man from Mindanao, he understands the position of Lobregat on why he need to guard and protect his city from any form of Autonomy, also being contented in the present government set-up.

On a separate interview, Congressman Lobregat said that even the Bicam proceedings in the past days was getting too personal and emotional, he still have high respect to his coleagues in the committee who acted professionally on the issues even though there are disagreements and issues which have yet to be settled until next week before the final draft of the law will be finalized by the Bicam and eventually be submitted to  President Rodrigo Duterte in time for his SONA on the 23rd of this month.

"As what I always say, I will be here to fight for Zamboanga City's interest until the very end, whatever it takes," Lobregat stressed.-Bhong Simbajon/RMN News