(More suspects in Alih’s killing seen)Dismissed cop identified as possible suspect Print
Sunday, 15 July 2018 16:02

Police are investigating the alleged involvement of a dismissed policeman in the murder of Sapa-Sapa Municipal Vice Mayor Alrashid Alih  in Zamboanga city last Wednesday.

This after relatives pointed to the policeman as the possible gunman who shot the vice mayor to death along Governor Alvarez Avenue last week.

The accusation was contained in a police report containing the statements of Ali’s family.

The report, however, failed to elaborate on the identity of the mastermind.

The suspect was reportedly dismissed from the service due to his alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, more evidence show that there were more than two suspects who participated in the vice mayor’s murder.

Based on the footages taken from a closed circuit television camera (CCTV) in the area, Alih’s vehicle and the suspects’ motorcycle were travelling on opposite directions prior to the incident.

Upon spotting Alih’s vehicle, the gunmen made a u-turn and overtook the vice mayor’s car.

The suspects then stopped and positioned themselves near an insurance office and waited for the vice mayor’s vehicle to arrive.

When Ali’s vehicle stopped near the intersection, the gunman approached the car and shot the vice mayor repeatedly.

The suspect then boarded a get away vehicle driven by his cohort towards Nuñez Avenue Extension.

Before escaping however, it was observed that the gunman made a hand signal to other accomplices in the area who were riding another motorcycle. (Dan Toribio)