Houses, mosque razed inTetuan fire Print
Friday, 20 July 2018 16:27

By Dan Toribio

\A conflagration razed five houses and damaged a mosque along Galvez Drive, Barangay Tetuan before noon yesterday.

In an interview made by DXRZ RMN Zamboanga with affected resident Muin Mohammad,  he said that the fire started past 10 a.m.

When he verified, he saw  flames coming from the house of his neighbor, SuaibMuhin which quickly spread to other houses including their own home.

Mohammad and his family hurriedly ran out of their house to save their lives.

Like the Mohammad family, the owners of four other houses also failed to retrieve their belongings after hurriedly scampering off to safety.

A Masjid located in the area was damaged partially by flames.

Residents aided each other in pouring water to the affected houses and the Masjid before fire trucks arrived.

An initial report from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) showed that the fire started from the house of Muhin but the possible cause remains unknown as of press time.

Fire investigators are still probing the incident to determine the estimated damage as well the origin of the fire.  (Dan Toribio)