BBL plebiscite, property provisions favor Zambo Print
Friday, 20 July 2018 16:31


There will only be one plebscite and no more creeping expansion among areas adjacent to the new Bangsamoro territory.

These are among the contentious provisions included in the new Organic Law for the Bangsamoro which had been approved last Wednesday by the Congressional Bicameral Committee.

The provisions are closely being watched by Zamboangueños, a majority of who voted against inclusion in the former ARMM.

First District Congressman CelsoLobregat, a member of the bicameral committee, said that the contested provisions which were adopted by the Bicam are “favorable to all parties concerned.”

There will only be one plebiscite to decide whether an area will be included in the Bangsamoro territory.  This will be held once the President signs the proposed bill.into law.

A barangay cannot join the Bangsamoro without the expressed consent of the city in general.

The provision reportedly prevents what is termed as the “creeping expansion” of the Bangsamoro territory among adjacent communities.

Aside from these two provisions, Lobregat said that Zamboanga City will have preferential rights to acquire properties of the ARMM in the event of the sale of SPDA properties located outside the former ARMM region.

Properties located outside the ARMM region such as Cabatangan shall be purchased by the national government.

Lobregat also said that the new bill is much more compliant with the Constitution and contains provisions prohibiting secession or a declaration of independence.

“We passed a BBL that addresses Mindanao and Zamboanga City issues and concerns.  I am glad I was able to survive the hardest fight of my career as a public servant,” Lobregat said.  (Dexter Yap/PR)