Stern move against boozers and minors Print
Saturday, 21 July 2018 13:56


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Half-naked looking untidy and boorish, these men are tipsy drihking liquor by the roadside. Whey are noisy, laughing boisterously as if they don B t care how they bother or annoy the people pass in? by. Every now and then, they would lean over in a corner to spill out their smelly excretion.

Most often when intoxicated, they would make indecent . remarks to women on the street or just whistling lasciviously, At times they would call anybody to shell out some amount to buy more drinks. Frequently those drunkards are the cause of trouble in the community for they do nothing but annoy or embarrass everyone around them. This kind of getting usually unfolds in the afternoon until late in the evening if no untoward incident would happen.

Meanwhile based on media reports, petty crimes, such as pickpocketing, snatching and mulcting are rampant in the city proper this past few days, The perpetrators are reportedly minors that include street children, out of school youth and probably some rebellious students.

Sometime last week, a woman from a nearby province reported to the police that she lost her bag which contained valuable belongings and some cash. Some students complained that they have lost their cellphones to young snatchers while going home from school. A grade schooler told her mother that a young boy seized the money from her hand and fled, woman who just came from the market cried aloud that some young boys took her bag which she placed in a corner while she was looking for the jeep in the parking area. Inside the bag were her fish she bought and other household needs. A woman entered the bakery to buy some bread before going home to the barrio. But when she looked for her wallet, it was no longer there inside the bag which she discovered already slashed open. Some pick— pocketers did it. Those are only some of the petty crimes taking place downtown everyday wherein reportedly involved are mostly young law offenders.

Sometime in the previous school year, some young students had been involved in street fights due to gang differences. As if struck spellbound, young girls in school uniforms were seen fighting in a street corner. What a gross negligence by parents and the depletion of moral discipline.

Drunkards are not allowed to have drinking spree in public within the city proper in order to prevent public scandal or violent commotion. The police patrol team is making the round every now and then to see to it that no drunken individual is loitering around. Some barangay heads are also taking the initiative in keeping a calm situation and orderliness in their area of jurisdiction especially at night.

Bums and vagrants as well as mendicants are placed under watchful surveillance in order to discourage them from gallivanting around.

On the other hand, street children and rugby boys are constantly be in? rounded up by the Patrol Team and turned over to the CSWD for proper disposition. Minors who have no legitimate purpose out in the street at night are considered loiterers. They are advised to go home for their own safety and protection, but if they are persistent, they’d pass the night at the police office.

Undeniably many parents are remiss in their responsibilities to raise their children morally upright and abiding by the rule of law.

For the moment, there’s no other recourse but to impose disciplinary measures by all means within the bounds of law. The prosperity of our nation cannot be attained unless the future of the young generation is properly developed and protected.