Civil military ops in Basilan to settle ‘rido’ PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 July 2018 13:18

By Remus Ong

Military, government and civic groups held a civic military operation in Barangay Pisak-Pisak, Sitio Haloloku Tambulig-buton to provide much needed services to the area.

The operation, which was spearheaded by the Army’ 4th and 14th Special Forces Battalion, the Department of Health (DOH), Tabuan Lasa Municipality and the Children of War Foundation, also aims to settle a ‘rido’ between two warring factions which threatens the well-being of the residents.

Capt. Exequiel Panti of the 14th SFB, said that the medical mission was held not only for the residents but to see the response of the members of the two warring families.

Recall that residents of Barangay Pisak Pisak evacuated their island and went to Barangay Tambulig-Buton after the two warring families clashed.  Village leaders tried to settle the feud but to no avail.

The military learned that the barangay’s residents were able to vote this past election after ten years.  The development was seen as a sign by authorities that the feuding families are willing to cooperate.

The residents also expressed willingness to return to their barangay after evacuating out of fear.

The presence of the 14th Special Forces Battalion reportedly helped in making the families decide to end their feud.

Meanwhile, Panti also said that this is the first time that the barangay’s residents experienced a medical mission.

Panti said that their presence signified the government’s intention to provide the much needed medical services and the military’s assurance that they will guard the villagers against the threats of lawlessness and terrorism.  (Remus Ong)