PNP warns against text scare Print
Monday, 06 August 2018 14:13

The PNP advises the public to be cautious in handling scare rumors being spread thru text, email, and digital social networks.

There is no specific threat on any particular target. Therefore, the text scare being spread around is untrue and is obviously designed only to create panic. Scare messages of this nature deserve to be discarded and not shared.

Break the scare chain.  DELETE that message as soon as it is received.

For good measure and everyone’s peace of mind, we are laying-out a preventive security plan designed to harden possible targets and deter any attempt by threat groups to infiltrate our communities.

Public vigilance is the best response to this situation. Panic will only make matters worse.

Report immediately the peddlers of these scare messages to national emergency hotline 911 or thru PNP text hotline 0917-847-5757. (PNP-PIO)