(Zambo Coast Guard joins rescue)15 passengers missing as vessel sinks off Sabah PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 August 2018 11:49

by bhong simbajon

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Southwestern Mindanao District has joined the search for sixteen (16) missing persons whose motorized vessel sank in seas off the Philippine-Malaysian border last July 30.

Zamboanga Coast Guard Station chief Lt/Cmdr. Noriel Ramos said that a motorized  temper- type boat carrying around 16 passengers sank in the waters of Siamil, Sabah near the RP-Malaysian border.

This was reported by Ibrahim Hassan Mandul, a survivor who was earlier rescued by patrolling coast guard personnel off the seas of Tawi-Tawi.

Lt. Commander Ramos said that seven bodies in a state of decomposition have already been recovered within the vicinity of Sitangkai reef.

The bodies were immediately buried in Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi as part of Moslem tradition.

As of presstime, eight out of sixteen passengers who reportedly boarded the ill-fated vessel are still missing.

Ramos identified the passengers of the said motorized temper as Muin Tahil (boat operator), Hassan Mandul, Adzral Hussin, Fairul Faizal, Aljanib Tahil, Adzfar Tahil, Aldison Tahil, Rasiya Ami, Jenny Ibrahim, Liya Hussin, Amira Faizal, Nurhuda Albain,Manhuda Albain, Matida Darmasiyun, Ru-Indah Darmasiyun and survivor Ibrahim Mandul.

Ramos said that Coast Guard Central Tawi Tawi already coordinated with Malaysian authorities for the search and retrieval of the eight (8) missing passengers.

PCG District South Western Mindanao commander Captain Joseph M. Coyme immediately ordered the dispatch of the MRRV 4408 to augment the ongoing search and retrieval efforts of various law enforcement units in the area.

Captain Coyme also coordinated with the Bakamla Malaysian counterpart of PCG.

The PCG is also in the process of forming a Maritime Casualty Investigation team to determine the cause of the incident

Furthermore, PCG has directed the Bongao station commander to submit a Maritime Casualty Investigation Report in order to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents.

It was learned that the motorized boat is unregistered and  is being used to cross the border without authority. (Bhong Simbajon)