Police nab 3 extortionists Print
Tuesday, 14 August 2018 18:03

Three alleged extortionists were arrested by the local police during an entrapment operation in Barangay Sta. Barbara last Sunday afternoon.

A police report showed that around 5:30 p.m. Gulendam Alih y Adidul, appeared at the Central Police Station (Police Station 11) to file a complaint against Nur-Aina Cuevas y Adidul, alias Yoli, for allegedly extorting her money amounting to P100,000.

Policemen together with the victim immediately conducted an entrapment operation, using P20,000 cash in Barangay Sta. Barbara.

During the actual entrapment operation, two of Cuevas’ cohorts, identified as Salip Anih Salip Albani Matlih, 59 and Jister Habir y Tandil, 37, personally received the money handed to them by the victim, not knowing the presence of undercover cops.  Thereafter, the two suspects were immediately collared.

Police also recovered the P20,000 from their possession.

Afterwards, a follow-up operation has been carried out in Pitogo, Sinunuc where the police operatives were able to arrest Cuevas.

All the three suspects are now detained at Police Station 11 pending the filing of appropriate charges against them in court. – Dan Toribio