US Navy serviceman falls into the sea off Mindanao: US Embassy PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 August 2018 18:05


A U.S. Navy serviceman went missing after he reportedly fell in the sea off Mindanao last August 8.

In an exclusive radio interview with Gerry Acuña over DXRZ-RMN, Molly Koscina, U.S. Embassy’s Press Attaché, disclosed that one enlisted personnel of the United States Navy (USN) has just been recently discovered to be missing from a US Navy ship.

However, the US Embassy official declined to identify the missing navy man.

Koscina theorized that the missing sailor fell while on board the naval ship.

Nevertheless, the embassy official refused to elaborate more about the incident.

During the interview, Koscina has just appealed the public to give information to the Philippine government or US Embassy in case they see the American soldier.

She pointed out that as of the present she is not allowed to divulge more details as to the identity of the missing soldier and also what really transpired aboard the naval ship..

The embassy has already coordinated with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and other government agencies. In fact, she added that search-rescue operations have already been launched by both the US government and its Filipino counterpart. – Dan Toribio