(To mitigate impact of rice price hike) Nograles,Lobregat: Expedite distribution of NFA rice Print
Tuesday, 14 August 2018 18:06


House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations chairman Rep. Karlo Nograles and vice-chairman Rep. Celso Lobregat have both asked the National Food Authority (NFA) to expedite the distribution of NFA rice in the different retail outlets here in Zamboanga City following the  high increase on the prices of commercial rice.

Congressmen Nograles and Lobregat the other day have made strong respresentation with the NFA officials in Manila to fast track the distribution of government rice not only in Zamboanga City but in the entire country.

According to Lobregat, they have to intervene by asking the concerned NFA officials in the central office to speed up NFA rice distribution in the market.

“Thank you Congressman Nograles for your concern on the high prices of rice in our city and your timely representation with NFA for the release/distribution of more NFA rice here in Zamboanga City,” Lobregat said.

In the local level, Lobregat has likewise made necessary representations with NFA regional director Genaro "Jun" Nuñez for additional release of NFA rice to retailers in a bid to possibly bring down rice prices in the market. Currently, prices of commercial rice range from P54 to P65 per kilo.

"NFA must immediately release and increase its rice supply to the public in order to stabilize the prices of commercial rice in the market, " Lobregat emphasized.

Per information given by Director Nuñez to Congressman Lobregat,  NFA here has a present import allocation of 120,000 bags of rice from Thailand which is intended for the entire Region 9.  And these NFA rice allocations are as follows: Zamboanga City - 40,000 bags, Zamboanga del Norte - 20,000 bags, Zamboanga del Sur - 10,000 bags, Zamboanga Sibugay - 20,000 bags and for island provinces Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, 10,000 bags, respectively.

As of today's NFA dispatch report, the discharged of cargo is still ongoing on board MV VTC Dragon anchored at PPA local port currently unloading the 120,000bags or 6,000 metric tons of government rice.

During their meeting, Nuñez committed to update Congressman Lobregat of their daily NFA rice sales report. – Dexter Yap