Piñol says Local Price Control Council did not do their job PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 August 2018 14:38


Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Emmanuel Piñol highlighted the lapses of the Local Price Coordinating Council (LPCC) in preventing the prices of rice from skyrocketing.

Piñol said the (LPCC) should have taken the lead in monitoring and imposing a ceiling on the price of commercial rice being sold in Zamboanga City.

The Agriculture Secretary conducted a surprise visit at the Zamboanga City Public Market particular the stalls selling rice on Monday afternoon after learning that the prices of rice in Zamboanga City is skyrocketing.

Piñol said he became worried and immediately flew to Zamboanga City after learning from RMN Zamboanga in an interview about the very high prices of commercial rice being sold in the city, that already reached P56 to P70 per kilo.

“Parating nagti-text sa akin ang RMN Zamboanga informing me to check on the overpricing of rice in the local market. So I asked Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea to allow me to fly to Zamboanga City to check on what was reported by RMN, so here I am now. I hope I did not frustrate you,” Piñol said.

He said that the price of rice in the local market of Zamboanga City is unjustified but no price control was initiated by the LPCC to address the problem, he said.

“We do not need the President’s intervention in imposing price control in the local market, it’s within their powers to do that.The Local Price Control Council actually can impose local price measures.This is a local issue and this is not happening in other parts of the country,” Piñol stressed.

Piñol said that during his surprise inspection in the local public market, he noted the lapses of the local government in imposing price control initiatives which should have been done sensing the swift increase and the unreasonable prices of rice in the local market.

“Why am I here? Kung tutuusin wala naman akong pakialam dito. Hindi ilalim sa pamamahala ko ang NFA (After all I should not care. NFA is not under my authority), but I care and have to take a move because at the end of the day, people will look at us as government.They will blame the government, they will not blame only the Zamboanga City officials, but everybody. So all of us working in government should do our respective jobs, hindi yung palagi nating ina-asa sa president lahat, uulitinko, yung Local Price Control Council and dapat gumalaw dito, hindi kami (not only depend everything on the president, I repeat, LPCC should take action, not us).” Piñol said.

Secretary Piñol said that upon arrival in Metro Manila after his brief visit to Zamboanga, he will ask for an emergency meeting with President Duterte to update him about the situation of rice supply in Zamboanga City. (BhongSimbajon/RMN NEWS)