NFA rice supply to last for only 1 week PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 August 2018 12:07


The National Food Authority's (NFA’s) supply of rice is expected to last for only a week based on an inventory made at the NFA warehouse in San Roque, this city.

Based on reports, there are only 40,000 bags inside the warehouse, a supply that will only last for about a week.

The city currently consumes about 5,400 sacks a day.

At present, the NFA has started to distribute rice to barangays to augment the reported shortage of commercial rice in the city.

Ruben Manatad, NFA assistant  regional director, said that NFA rice is currently distributed to the barangays of Sinunuc, Tulungatung, and Putik.  The office plans to distribute rice to more barangays in the coming days.

They sell the NFA rice directly to the people in the barangay at P27 per kilo compared to the commercial rice now priced at more than P50 per kilo.

He said, they also sold the rice allotting 5 kilos per family to give chance for everyone to avail of the NFA rice.

"Malaki ang impact nito para sa mga di kayang bumili ng commercial rice," Manatad said.

The assistant regional director said that they are also conducting inspections to make sure NFA is not being mixed with commercial rice and sold at a higher price and they want to make sure that the allocation they are giving to the retailers in the barangay and market are being sold.

The office is also asking the public to be vigilant and report to the office any irregularities in the distribution of rice.

The allocation for authorized NFA retailers selling in the main public market and at the Sta Cruz market is 20 bags per week while 10 for authorized NFA retailers in the barangay.

NFA has 62 retailers in the market and 210 in the barangays.

"Sa mga consumers na nahihirapan sa bigas, monitoring kami parang may pumapasok ng unti unti commercial rice. Now, pag marami ng commercial rice, andito pa rin ang NFA bababa na yan ang presyo pero pag purely NFA hindi yan bababa ang presyo." Manatad said. (RGAAGo)