Ecological balance, key to Mindanao’s economic growth, dev’ t — official PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 16:51

“No economic or business opportunity will flourish if we have degraded the environment.”
This was declared by Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection Secretary Juan Romeo Nerues O. Acosta on Friday during the closing ceremony of the 20th Mindanao Business Conference (MinBizcon) at the City Commercial Center (C3) here.

In his keynote speech delivered before the businessmen, Acosta said if we do not have clean water, if our forests are depleted, our river basins dried up, and coral reefs are dead due to over fishing and siltation business opportunities will never thrive.

Acosta, a Mindanaoan and strong advocate of environmental protection and conservation, underscored the great importance of ecological balance in attaining peace and development.

Acosta viewed balanced ecology as one of government’s trusts in attaining sustainable development for Mindanao . “Anything that is our economy is a subsidiary of our ecology,” Acosta explained.

“When there were no more forests, there will be no watersheds. When there will be no water, there will be no “palay”. When there will be no “palay” , there will be no food. When there will be no food, there will be no life,” the Presidential Adviser for environmental Protection said.

Acosta appealed to everyone that in attaining development, one should never compromise the benefits that they enjoy.

“Never compromise what should come and what you should also been able to enjoy and benefit from simply because we are now in a situation of a highly contending competitive dynamic,” Acosta added.

In a related development, Acosta said that President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III is not only very much concerned on his campaign on anti-corruption and good governance with the popular slogan “matuwid na daan” (straight path), but he is also concerned on the environment with its slogan “Matuwid na daan sa berdeng paraan”.

Acosta also said that peace and good governance are very important thrusts in sustaining economic growth in Mindanao.