Wanted man slain in police shootout in Sacol Island Print
Sunday, 26 August 2018 17:08

A fugitive man, who is wanted for the crime of murder, was shot and killed by policemen during a shootout in Barangay Landang Gua, Sacol Island, east of this city, yesterday afternoon.

According to Culianan Police Station commander Chief Insp. Hazel Fernandez, the fatality was identified as Samli Alibasa, 35, married of the said island barangay.

Fernandez said that it was around 1 p.m. yesterday when operatives from the Culianan Police Station swooped down in Landang Gua to serve the warrant of arrest to Alibasa.

When the cops served the warrant to Alibasa, he refused to surrender and even opted to run towards the shoreline.

The police also claimed that while the fugitive is fleeing he was even firing at the lawmen using his .45 caliber pistol. Afterwards, he hid under the bush as he continued firing at the pursuing policemen.

At this point, policemen returned fire hitting him in the head.

He suffered fatal gunshot wound in the head causing his instantaneous death.

Police were able to recover his handgun during an ocular investigation.--Dan Toribio