Sahi assures Zamcelco AGMA will push through tomorrow(NEA officials will attend) Print
Monday, 10 September 2018 12:32

“Tiene ta precura man sabotahe con el AGMA. Pero ta asegura yo porcigi el AGMA na Martes, September 11, 2018.” Thus, announced Zamcelco Board President Omar Sahi yesterday as he confirmed that the Special Annual General Membership Assembly (AGMA) will push through tomorrow at the gymnasium inside the Zamcelco compound in Barangay Putik.

He added that the registration for the AGMA will start as early as 6:00 a.m..

Sahi said that since the Investment Management Contract (IMC) had already been awarded to a winning bidder, a special AGMA should be held not less than ten days to approve the result of the bidding.

“The joint venture of Crown Investment Holdings and DESCO already won the bidding so under na rules and regulations, puede el board man schedule el conducta del AGMA not less than ten days. So ya man schedule came na September 11,” Sahi Said.

According to Sahi, some sectors are engaging in misinformation that the AGMA will not push through.

He said these individuals have their own motives and personal agenda in trying to stop the AGMA.

“El AGMA ta condusi man ese Sunday para hinde man problema maga consumers, pero igual lang man ese ara Martes cay holiday man,” Sahi said.

He added that representatives from the National Electrification Administration (NEA) will be present in the AGMA, which means they too have acknowledged that the process of the bidding was in order.

Sahi said the winning bidder is willing to invest P2.5 billion for the rehabilitation of Zamcelco, more than double than what another company had bidded earlier.

Sahi is inviting the member-consumers to attend the AGMA and confirm and approve the IMC of Crown-Desco saying this will be the first step to a brighter Zamboanga City.

With the approval of the IMC, the San Ramon Power Incorporated (SRPI) of the Alsons group of companies will be expected to immediately start the construction of its long overdue coal fired power plant in Zamboanga City.

The construction of the said power plant was put on hold after SRPI said that it will only start building the power plant once Zamcelco is already able to enter into and IMC. (SS)