Las Piñas Vice-Mayor, councilors walk out of PCL convention PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 September 2018 13:26

The city councilors of Las Piñas City  walked out of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) convention venue after organizers refused to grant permission for their Vice-Mayor to enter the convention venue.

Las Piñas Vice-Mayor Louie Bustamante, former Philippine Councilors League president, left the hall followed by the city’s councilors minutes after not being allowed  to enter the convention hall for reportedly not being tagged during registration.

Engr. Jerome Lao, a close friend of Bustamante, was with the group of the Vice Mayor and his councilors when the group registered for the convention at another hotel.

In an interview with Lao, he recounts that when they arrived at Palacio del Sur, the convention venue, policemen refused to allow the group to enter because they were reportedly not tagged during registration.

Vice Mayor Bustamante then requested Convention Head, former Councilor  and now Tourism regional director Myra Abubakar, to grant consideration since the registration venue was at a different hotel.

Bustamante and the councilors presented their registration papers and other documents to show that they are convention participants.

The vice-mayor’s friends, Lao and former Zamboanga Congressman Erbie Fabian, also reportedly appealed to Abubakar to allow the Vice-Mayor and his group to enter.

Abubakar, however, reportedly refused to grant the request of the group citing the strict “No ID, No Entry” policy of convention organizers.

Bustamante then called other Las Piñas councilors who managed to enter the venue and told them about the incident.

The councilors decided to leave the venue together with their Vice-Mayor minutes later after the latter was turned away.

Engr. Lao is now asking convention organizers to apologize to the Las Piñas group due to the latter’s inconvenience in travelling to Zamboanga and not being able to participate in the convention.

He said that organizers should have given consideration to the group since they should not be faulted for not having been tagged by convention personnel during registration.

He also questioned the tedious registration process in asking participants to register at a venue different from the convention proper.

Bustamante and his group boarded the plane the same day for Manila.

Lao said that the Las Piñas councilors were initially apprehensive about going to Zamboanga due to negative reports about the city’s security.

Having friends in Zamboanga City, Bustamante volunteered to accompany the city councilors in an effort to prove that what is being written about the city is not true.

The Las Piñas Vice-Mayor, a long-standing ally of the Villar clan in Las Piñas, served as former Philippine Councilors League President and Vice-Mayors League President.

He is reportedly undefeated and a political veteran of Las Piñas.

Former Councilor Abubakar was elected PCL Regional Chairperson and now sits as Tourism Regional Director after resigning from her council post last month.  (Zamboanga Times reportorial staff)