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Monday, 24 September 2018 12:06



Who chose Myra Abubakar to be person in-charge in the preparation of the recent national convention of the Councilors League of the Philippines? Just when we thought that the only sore spot the organizers have created was only when they barred the Las Piñas Vice-Mayor Louie Bustamante from entering the convention hall for reasons that he had no convention ID, many have come out to voice their displeasures. This requirement could  had been waived by organizers, knowing fully well that he has paid his convention dues and good sense dictates that courtesy should be extended him as he was the founder of this Councilors League of the Philippines, the past President of the same organization and the Vice-Mayors League of the Philippines. Because of this, his delegation of city councilors walked out of the convention site in a solid demonstration of support and sympathy to their Presiding Chairman of their City Council. After it was published in this paper last Friday, several councilors, coming from other places, came out openly and also recounted their unpleasant experiences during the convention.

Participants from San Jose Antique narrated that they were prevented from taking their lunch by the waiters when they failed to bring and present their meal coupons. The very disgusted Councilor Neri Molina revealed that the organizer should have disregarded this “No Coupon, No Meals” policy, knowing that these participants have paid their convention dues and were duly registered. They accordingly appealed to the waiters but their appeals fell on deaf ears as they were strictly instructed by organizers to serve only to those who present lunch coupons. His companion Councilor Erich Alocila asked organizers to serve better. He says that the foods served were only good for the pigs. We cannot blame him for saying this. He knows fully well that in our city, seafoods and fruits are in abundance. They suspected that there could be more who were not given lunch since there was allegedly a shortage of meal coupons in the Registration Desk. Shortage?

Because of this hurting comment I was constrained to inquire from the hotel manager where the convention was held what kinds of foods were served to the participants. Well, he revealed that the foods served depend on the amount of pay per person as ordered and paid by the organizers.  The participants were so disgusted considering that majority of the delegates were charged the huge amount of P11,500 that will already cover for their accommodation, transfers, including kits, IDs, and lunch coupons. Walk-in delegates were charged P8,500 to cover for all the expenses related to the convention, except for accommodation. All in all there were allegedly more than 2,000 delegates that attended the convention.

Looking at these huge amounts of convention fees paid by the   delegates, I can only surmise that the organizers were able to make huge money out of this sordid affair when compared to their services rendered to the delegates.

In addition to this, Councilor Molina likewise complained that they failed to avail of the city tour which they would not want to miss as this will give them a picture of our city. This was because the organizers have only provided tours for only 200 delegates. Their city tour was only made possible through the kindness of SK Sangguniang Kabataan Chair, Councilor Cary John Pioc, who toured them around the city.

Hosting a national convention is not a joke. It needs extensive planning and preparation and the one who should be the Chair or In-Charge of this affair must have the leadership, experience, and gravitas to make it a successful and memorable affair.

But right from the beginning it was doomed to fail. Delegates were wondering why the registration of delegated was done in Garden Orchid Hotel and the convention site was held at the Marcian Garden Hotel.

These delegates have intimated that they will post it in the social media of their unpleasant experiences and report this in the provincial news section of national broadsheet.

We hosted the national convention at a time when we are striving hard to erase the past bad impressions about our city and give our visitors a nice picture to correct these wrong impressions. This nice picture has been marred by these unpleasant and preventable experiences.