Tumaga kagawad, alleged victim to resolve conflict today PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:27

By Dan Toribio

A conflict resolution is scheduled today at the Tumaga Barangay Hall to settle an alleged physical confrontation incident involving a psychologically-challenged woman and a barangay kagawad.

The kagawad, identified Jake Nico Fabian, reportedly hit the woman, Nena (not her real name), after the latter uttered unsavory words against the former.

Based on the report, Nena was at the barangay hall to lodge a complaint against her female cousin who reportedly maltreated her.

Reports said that Fabian and Nena figured into a heated argument which led the latter to utter “animal” against Fabian.

Fabian reportedly kicked Nena and slapped her in the face.  Nena went home to report the incident to her parents.

Tumaga Barangay Captain Jacky Lim said that she already called Fabian’s attention on the incident.

In an interview, Fabian welcomes the resolution of the conflict saying that he is willing to make peace with Nena and her family.

Fabian also belied reports that he hit the woman repeatedly, describing some of the stories reported about him as “exaggerated.”

He said that he had already known Nena for a long time and that the latter had been the victim of name calling and bullying due to her psychological condition.

He said that he advised Nena to go home that day after seeing that the latter was dirty and bruised and was surprised when Nena verbally attacked him.

He laments that the bruises sustained by Nena in a prior incident are now attributed to his alleged attack against the latter.

Fabian said that he is looking forward to resolving the alleged violent incident and making peace with Nena’s family. (Dan Toribio)