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Monday, 12 November 2018 13:31

Months away from the start of the midterm elections campaign, the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation president Cary John Pioc has broken his promise to stay apolitical after he was spotted several times with the group of traditional politician, Rep. Celso Lobregat and when he cancelled the elections of the Local Youth Development Council (LYDC) Friday upon the dismay of the leaders and representatives of various youth and youth-serving organizations in the City.

Lobregat filed his certificate of candidacy for mayor along with other politicians and one of them was Pioc, who even raised his arms side by side with the rest of the group.

Pioc, in his inaugural speech at the City Council in July after being elected as SK Federation president, said: “My vote will be in favor of the betterment of our city. I will never make decisions that will not benefit the majority,” Pioc declared, as he vowed to shy away from politics. My vote will not represent any political party, color or symbol. I will stand for what is right and just,” he said.

He drew flak last week when he decided to cancel the elections of the Local Youth Development Council at a local restaurant, this City. “The events which transpired during the recently concluded meeting with the Hon. Pioc of the SK Federation resulted to a very dismaying instance,” said LGBTQ Federation of Zamboanga President Alvin ‘Toni Gee’ Fernandez who was present in the caucus.

“In response to the invitation by the Local Youth Development Officer, representatives of the different youth sectors responded and attended the caucus with the aspiration that finally, some things can be put into paper and start to plan out activities and project for the youth. However, to the dismay of everyone, Hon. Pioc decided upon himself alone to delay the election of officers for the  Local Youth Development Council (LYDC) of the city for a reason not apparent to everyone present,” Fernandez narrated.

Be it noted that a law prevails over this matter, particularly R.A 10742 which mandates every province, cities, and municipalities to create a Local Youth Development Council which aims to enhance the role of the youth in nation-building, and to further strengthen the protection of the moral, physical, and even social well-being.

It is emphasized moreover, that the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A 10742 provided in Rule 3, Sec. 24, Par. J; "Manner of Election - Within 45 days after the SK elections, the LYDO or the designated existing personnel from the local government unit shall notify all the presidents or authorized representatives of the registered youth organization in that locality, assemble them in a public venue, and by consensus or secret balloting, they shall choose at least 8 but not more than 19 representatives. Upon convening them however, Pioc decided to cancel the elections and extending further the delay.

“The utter move of Hon. Pioc in delaying the election of officers for the LYDC poses a glaring danger to the very reason why the said council was created, and thus placing the interest and welfare of the youth of Zamboanga City at risk” said Fernandez.

“Albeit uncertainties as to the reason/s why Hon. Pioc wanted to delay the election is unknown, the LGBT Federation of Zamboanga fervently hope and pray that this is not grounded on any political motives or intent whatsoever. We believe that the city's youth must never be a subject of any conditions for the benefit of his political interest” Fernandez added.

Meanwhile, Gene Dexter Temperatura, President of the federated Pag-Asa Youth Association of Philippines (PYAP) who was also present during the event last Friday also expressed similar sentiments. “The cancellation of the LYDC elections wasted our time and effort to be present during the gathering of fellow youth leaders. We attended the meeting with high hopes that finally, we can formally convene the LYDC and elect representatives who will sit in the council. We felt there was too much politicking that is happening” said Temperatura.

During the gathering, other attendees reported the presence of council aspirant Mark Saavedra of Team Colorao who sat with Pioc in a small meeting outside of the event hall after he stood pat to cancel the LYDC elections.

As SK Federation president, the 20-year old Pioc represents the youth sector at the City Council and he even promised to craft ordinances, policies and resolutions that will address the needs of the local youth sector, according to the report by the Philippine News Agency.

And in the June 19 news article on Daily Zamboanga Times, Pioc also ensured the benefit of the youth is always protected as he vowed “not to follow a color coding scheme at the City Council which divides councilors into the majority and the minority.”

He was referring to the allies of Climaco and Lobregat. “Hinde kita mira cosa color coding mira yo si cosa debe para na maga jovenes, y cosa debe para na ciudad de Zamboanga,” Pioc was quoted as saying, but his true color was revealed when he sided with Lobregat and virtually campaigned for the group of the traditional politician.

There was no immediate statement from Pioc on his actions and how he broke his promise to stay apolitical. Pioc only won by 74 votes from his closest rival. (PR)