Robbers arrested in Ayala PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 November 2018 13:01


Police arrested two robbers who were caught in the act of beating and robbing their alleged victim in Barangay Ayala last Saturday.

The suspects were identified as Madzar Susulan y Anga and Nurkib Murkid y Jumadil, both of Assumption Drive, Zone 8, Ayala.

The victim was identified as Peter Nelle Maningo y Pedro, 21, of Tictapul.

Initial investigation showed that Maningo went to buy beer from a store in Zone 8, when the suspects suddenly dragged him to a dimly lit area where he was beaten and robbed.

Luckily, tanods who were patrolling the area witnessed the incident and arrested the suspects.

Susulan and Murkid were taken to the Ayala Police Station where they were detained.  (Dan Toribio)