Sadain criticizes City Mayor over flyover project delay PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 November 2018 13:12


Vice mayoralty aspirant Atty. Mel Sadain has criticized Zamboanga Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco- Salazar over the mayor’s decision not to support the immediate implementation of flyover projects.

This after a dialogue between City Hall and public works officials last week decided on the implementation of road expansion projects prior to the flyover construction.

“Mayor Beng’s statements are full of inconsistencies. How can she go against the start of the two flyover projects since from the very start she was supporting it in the Regional Development Council (RDC), has favorably endorsed it to the City Council in 2015,”  said Sadain.

Sadain added that the flyover projects were also included in the Annual Investment plan and in the Local Development Council.

An urban planning study commissioned by the local government also recommended the construction of the flyover projects, said Sadain.

“I appeal to everybody regardless of political affiliation that we support this huge project for the benefit of us all living here in our beloved Zamboanga City. This project is practical and beneficial for the city’s development and progress,” Sadain emphasized.

For his part, Congressman Lobregat said DPWH officials have insisted to proceed with the infrastructure project considering the positive impact it will give to the monstrous traffic problem being experienced by the Zamboagueños.

Lobregat said that DPWH officials have even recommended a temporary traffic scheme to the city government in preparation for the start of the two flyover projects.

“Everything has already been thoroughly planned and discussed between the city and the DPHW, but what I could not understand is that why all of a sudden and out of nowhere, City Hall in the end change its position. These landmark projects are in fact already more than a month delayed,” Lobregat pointed out.

Lobregat added that he doubts the press statement of City Hall last Friday when it came out with a news that even DPWH -9 agrees to City Hall’s stand on road widening first before the flyover projects implementation.

“According to DPWH officials they did not support the stand of City Hall. All they just say was that they “noted” the stand of the city government,” Lobregat explained.

The congressman said that he still hopes that City Hall will support the start of the flyover project which is considered as one of the top priority projects of the DPWH regional office for this year.

Lobregat said that if the city insists in delaying the implementation of the flyover project, a nationally-funded infra project, he does not discount the possibility that this matter will reach the attention of DPWH Secretary Mark Villar or even Malacañang.

“I hope this matter will not reach the office of Secretary Villar, much more so the office of the president.

However, sources close to Zamboanga Times hinted that some officials of national government agencies are already poised to report the delay on the flyover project implementation to the national government.

Lobregat said that the city has always asked for huge infrastructure and developmental projects from the national government, and now that the flyover projects are already here and ready to be implemented, he does not see any more reason on why the city will continue to oppose or delay this much-needed project. (Jemuel E. Mojica)