First kidney transplant in Zambo on October 1 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 September 2011 17:52

The government’s charity office- Philippine Charity  Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is set to finance the first ever kidney transplant operation in  Zamboanga City as a local hospital here is scheduled to perform the “historical” kidney  transplant on October 1, according to Dr. Michael Abutazil, Renal Transplantation Head,  Western Mindanao Medical Center (WMMC).

Dr. Abutazil said, WMMC Renal Transplant Unit (RTU) is ready to perform the procedure to a  45-year-old male kidney patient whose donor is his 41 year old cousin.
Abutazil explained that both the kidney donor and recipient will undergo the process simultaneously.
“The operation will take three to four hours,” Abutazil said.

According to the RTU head, seven doctors will compose the team that will do the procedure on the patient and donor.
“The team will be composed of seven doctors which include transplant surgeon, urologists, nephrologists, and an anesthesiologist,” he said.
Abutazil said that WMCC recently purchased an aesthetic machine in preparation for the transplant procedure.

“To assure sterility of the operating room (OR), the OR will not be used 12 hours before the  scheduled transplant, that is why WMMC has purchased this aesthetic machine and other special instruments for the purpose,” Abutazil explained.

WMMC’s Renal Transplant Unit recently got its license to operate /accreditation certificate as released by the Department of Health (Manila) giving go signal for the hospital to perform kidney transplantation after thorough studies and scrutiny and personal visit conducted by DOH and National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI) months back.

“The opening of the WMMC Renal Transplant Unit will pave the way for future organ transplant in the city at a much lesser cost,” Dr. Abutazil said.
Abutazil said that kidney transplantation will cost a patient some P1.5million if done at the NKTI and P800,000 when done in Davao City.

Abutazil added there are only five local nephrologists / doctors in Zamboanga who specialize in kidney disease/trouble.
He confirmed that Zamboanga City alone has a 1,000 patients diagnosed with renal failure who need kidney transplant.

Patients with chronic renal failure spend three times a week for dialysis amounting to P2, 800 per session or P8,400 every week.