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Monday, 26 September 2011 16:44

ISABELA CITY — Breaking her silence on the issue of the death of the late Napoleon F. Sanson and Nickarter “Boy” Gonzalo, Isabela City Mayor Cherrylyn Santos-Akbar yesterday reacted to a statement made by former Alvin Dans that insinuated her (Akbar’s) administration is partly to be blamed for the two gunslays.
Dans, in a radio interview, described Sanson and Gonzalo as critics of the administration of Mayor Akbar,

“Actually I really don’t want to talk about this thing anymore, because i know their (Sanson’s and Gonzalo’s)  families and friends are still in pain for the loss of their loved ones.  But honestly, i did not hear anything from them (Gonzalo and Sanson) talking against me and my administration.It was only this time that I learned about it  because of the many issues and allegations coming out after of their untimely death,” said Akbar in an interview.

The mayor said that there were many other violent incidents aside from the killing of Sanson and Gonzalo, but it was only now that Dans has made a reaction and insinuation.

“If  Alvin Dans is saying that he is really concern about Isabela, why is it he has reacted only to the killing of Sanson and Gonzalo. There are other incidents before and he (Dans) has not reacted to them, especially where the victims where are our Muslim brothers. Why just ask  for justice  only for his supporters, what about the other victims of previous crimes?” she asked.

Mayor Akbar said that one way of showing concern to the people is to give good advices.    “Mr. Dans could have seen me personally to discuss about the present problem instead of going on the air. He could have approached me when were together in the plane going to Manila where I have to see the DILG Secretary and give updates on what is happening in Isabela,  to include the progress report of the chief of police.  But it seems he (Dans) was avoiding me. When the plane touched down, He (Dans) stood up and was in a hurry to deplane even when the door of plane was still closed. It could have been a perfect timing to talk casually about what is happening to isabela, what he really wanted to say, if he was really sincere on what he was saying. It may be short a time but it would mean great for the people of isabela,” Akbar pointed out.