Soldier’s wife loses P4,500 to pickpocket PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 September 2011 16:46

The wife of a soldier  appeared at the central police station crying after an unidentified thief picked her P4,500 while she was buying bread at a bakery along Tomas Claudio Street yesterday afternoon.

The victim was identified as Angelita Cuyalot, married, and living at the Wesmincom apartment in Upper Calarian.
A police report disclosed that Cuyalot and her daughter were about to leave the bakery after buying bread when she discovered with shock her shoulder bag was opened and her wallet containing P4,500 and other pertinent papers, was gone.

Cuyalot told the police that she had just withdrawn the P4,500 from her husband’s ATM bank account and it was his salary.
She said she did not notice anybody approach her amid the crowd.

Meanwhile, Nurins Sahibaddin Pajiji also reported that her P3,100 was stolen by a thief while she was inside a department store last Saturday afternoon.
Pajiji told the police that she was busy shopping at the OK Department Store when she discovered her wallet containing the money and several documents, were gone.

Police have made follow-up operations for the possible arrest of the thieves. — Dan Toribio Jr.