Death toll on Moro rebel side in Sulu attack: 21 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 15:14

The number of Moro rebels killed in the encounter in Barangay Kabunkol, Talipao, Sulu Province has increased to 21 based on information gathered by the military from intelligence operativs and from the community.

A report from the Naval Forces Western Mindanao disclosed that the casualties on the rebel group went up to 21 from 13 based on the bodies reportedly recovered after the attack.

Two soldiers from the 30th Marine Company under the Marine Battalion Landing Team 10 based in Sulu were killed during the encounter. They were identified as Cpl. Rudy Fermin and PFC Richard Montes who both succumbed to multiple gunshot and blast wounds on the different parts of their bodies.

Six soldiers were also wounded and are now undergoing treatment at the Camp General Navarro Hospital in Wemincom headquarters.

Earlier, Lt. Col. Randolf Cabangbang, spokesman of Western Mindanao Command tagged a group of Hatib Jakaria, a radical organization linked to the Abu Sayyaf and rogue Moro National Liberation Front as responsible for the attack at the marine outpost at dawn last Sunday.

Ustadz Habier Malik, a former MNLF leader and has been wanted for series of crimes was also tagged by the military as responsible for the attack. Malik was allegedly encamping about two kilometers away from the attack site.

Military reports said that the attackers armed with grenade launchers and other high powered firearms and jungle bolos have split into several groups before attacking the soldiers’ outpost purposely to out maneuver the defense of the soldiers which they initially succeeded.

But the wounded soldiers claimed that with the help of night vision goggles they were able to withstand the attack and gallantly defended their outpost which after exchange of heavy gunfire the rebels were forced to withdraw.

The marines are securing a construction site where engineers and workers are constructing school buildings funded by the United States . — Noning R. Antonio