MGB urged to conduct assessment on Salaan lot for garbage dumpsite PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 October 2011 16:12

After a more than four hours of dialogue with an official of the OCENR (Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources) yesterday, the City Council, through a resolution sponsored by Councilor Lilia Nuño, urged the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB-9) of the DENR to immediately conduct a geological assessment study at the property that has already been acquired by the city government in Barangay Salaan for sanitary landfill (garbage dumpsite) purpose.

Nuño said the resolution will certainly fast track the implementation sanitary landfill project that is provided for under Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Waste Management Act of 2000.

Except for Councilor Rodolfo Lim, the councilors present during yesterday’s regular session voted in favor of the resolution and got a very resounding support from the minority bloc.

At first, Mrs. Nuño’s resolution was laid on the table for next week’s discussion because the proponent herself went out of the session hall when the presiding officer, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, called for the division of the house.

Mrs. Nuno’s resolution drew various comments from the Council members after Councilor Abdurahman Nuño introduced an amendment to include World Bank technical team in the conduct of the geological assessment study to be carried out by the authorized government entity—the MGB.

Mrs. Nuño was prompted to sponsor the said resolution after OCENR Chief Engineer Rey Gonzales undercored the need for the city to fast track the establishment of a sanitary landfill.

However, Councilor Melchor Rey Sadain questioned the participation of the World Bank in the conduct of the study considering that such is a private institution whereby such future finding has no bearing at all.

“If we are going to include World Bank in this critical study, as if we are sending the message that we doubt MGB’s capability and as if we allow World Bank to check the result of the MGB,” Sadain pointed out.

Eventually, Mr. Nuño yielded to the request of the minority bloc by excluding the team from the World Bank in the proposed geological study.
Councilor Lim insisted that the World Bank team should be allowed to participate in the conduct of the study “for they are equipped with facilities needed in the geological assessment study.”

A number of breaks were called for in order to settle the issue until Mr. and Mrs. Nuño went out of the session hall for personal reasons, thus the reason why the issue was laid on the table for next week regular session.

But the Nuño couple came back and requested to continue tackling the issue and to possibly decide because of its urgency.

A separate resolution was passed courtesy of Councilor Persival Ramos reiterating the previous resolutions addressed to the City’s Solid Waste Management Board chaired by Mayor Celso Lobregat to fast track the establishment of the sanitary landfill in the lot purchased by the city government in Salaan, this city. — Jimmy Villaflores