Family of 5, 2 neighbor kids axed to death by mad man PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 October 2011 16:30

A family of five and their two minor neighbors were brutally killed by an alleged mentally deranged man at Purok Magallanes, Barangay Tikwas, Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur last Wednesday morning.

The fatalities were identified as Fernando Macadildig y Bernardo, 30, his wife Annabel, 27, their children Maricel, 10, Marianne, 7 and Angel, 4, their neighbors Robinson Verall y Maghinay, 7 and his brother Robert, 6.

All victims were axed and killed by Manay Jun Rubio, 23. He was shot and killed by responding policemen
Police said the victims sustained fatal wounds in their bodies and all of them died on the spot.

A police report disclosed that Rubio armed himself with an axe and attacked the Macadildig family with axe blows..
After killing the five members of the family, Rubio rushed to the Veralo brothers and axed them repeatedly.

Responding policemen chased Rubio who tried to escape after the incident. They tried to convince him to surrender. However, Rubio resisted and attacked the lawmen. One of the policemen fired a warning shot but Rubio continued attacking the lawmen.

Rubio was shot in the left arm but the bullet exited to his chest and died on the spot. — Dan Toribio Jr.