J-Jireh School lauded for holistic academic feat PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 November 2011 13:45

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday commended the J-Jireh School, Inc. for its holistic academic success as it celebrates its 45th Foundation Week and Thanksgiving with the theme “Leading Change through Holistic Education for Higher Performance amidst Diversity.”

“I humbly appreciate this privilege of being with you today as you mark another milestone of success as an institution that offers a holistic academic pursuit,” Lobregat
told the Board of Trustees, faculty and students of J-Jireh, which stands for “Jehovah Jireh” meaning “God Provides.” 

He said Zamboanga City is indeed the educational center in Zamboanga Peninsula; it being home to 3 universities, many colleges, 64 secondary schools of which 34 are public and 30 are private. “We have 206 elementary schools with 171 that are public and 75 are private. Our student population for elementary is 128,803; for
high school we have 54,654 and for tertiary 30,369.”

“Your school is part and parcel of that strong number of schools and students that make our city a distinguished education hub in Western Mindanao,” the chief executive stressed, adding that J-Jireh is one of the few institutions that is old to have shared a sense of history with Zamboanga.

“In fact, the original name of this school, which was J-Jireh Yellow Beach School, carries a historical significance because Yellow Beach was the designated call sign of the entire coastal stretch of Upper Calarian during the liberation of Zamboanga from the Japanese invasion,” he said. “But of all the historical details about your school, what is more captivating is not the number of years you have existed but on how you have grown as an institution.”

Back in 1966, J-Jireh was established simply to usher education to the less privileged, including the different tribal and ethnic groups at the time. It was a school where the students are harmoniously learning and studying together despite their differences in cultural orientations. After more than four decades now, that noble act has grown to be an institution that offers all levels of academic curricula from kindergarten to college.

However, he said like all other endeavors, J-Jireh was not spared from challenges. During its early years of existence, due to unfortunate events, the school was relocated to three different areas. From its original location in Upper Calarian, where the Philippine Navy is presently situated, the students were transferred to three different areas namely, Mariki, Lumbayao and right here at Suterville.

“Yet despite the challenge, the cause of education prevailed,” Lobregat said. “That important detail of your history is being relived every time you sing your school song. In the last stanza it says “From Malagutay to Suterville, to Lumbayao by the sea, God Bless J-Jireh School.”

“I am underscoring these highlights in the history of your school not because you are not aware of them, I’m sure you know these things. My point of emphasis is that despite the discomfort and burdens, still the pioneering founders of this institution persist to continue what they started,” he further said.

“It is because they acknowledged the significance of education. Thru education the opportunities that are hidden because of ignorance are revealed. It offers the luxury of hope and faith for a better and brighter tomorrow,” the mayor added.

Also present during the program were School Director Allan Balayo, Vice President of the Board of Trustees Eufrocina Yeo, Treasuer Jose Diu, PTA Vice President (Elem.) Abdulsali Kalinggalan and PTA Vice President (High School) Jainal Ambutong. — Vic Larato