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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 17:46

City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo yesterday disclosed that the bomb that exploded at the Atilano Pension House last Sunday night was an improvised explosive device (IED) made of ammonium nitrate with fuel oil (ANFO), the reason why it sparked a fire.

The blast killed three people and injured 27 others.

De Ocampo said that based on the extent of the damage at the blast site, bomb specialists estimated the explosive weighed more or less five kilograms.

Initial investigation showed that the bomb was similar to the other bombs that exploded in the city like the ones in Red Palm Pension House in Guiwan and at the San Roque Cockpit, the two explosives that were recovered in Isabela City last Sunday afternoon.

These bombs are usually being produced and used by the Abu Sayyaf Group, police said.

Another reliable source said the bomb attack at the Atilano Pension House was carried out by Puruji Indama, the present top Abu Sayyaf man in Basilan, and his followers.

The same source said a certain Nap was seen coming out of Room 226 an hour before the explosion that took place in that same room.

Authorities consider the explosion at the pension house as was one of the powerful and devastating bomb attacks as the entire structure was almost a total wreck. The impact of the blast shook the large Canelar neighborhood and it was heard as far as Mercedes in the east coast.

Authorities are also looking for a certain Jeffrey who along with a woman checked in at Room 222 around 7 p.m. and left the pension housean hour after. They were seen by pension house personnel leaving the premises and acting suspiciously.

De Ocampo emphasized that Jeffrey and his female companion are not considered suspects but they just wanted to get some words from the couple as to their presence for more or less an hour in the pension house.

De Ocampo added that they believe the bomber deliberately planted the bomb in the pension house and detonate it.  Police don’t consider it as premature explosion like what happened in the same establishment in 2000.

He said that if it was a premature explosion last Sunday night, there would have been bodies recovered inside the room but the three fatalities were all victims and guests of the pension house.

In the 2000 premature explosion, three bodies believed to be of Muslim militants were recovered inside the room after the bomb exploded.

It was learned that the three terrorists were assembling a bomb when it prematurely exploded.

The latest explosion at the Atilano Pension House is being investigated by the City Police and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

Meanwhile, 17 of the 27 people wounded in the pension house explosion were discharged from the hospitals.

This, as City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos disclosed that two of the 10 victims who remain in the hospitals are in critical condition.

One of them is an adult while the other is a child, Agbulos added.

The condition of the rest of the victims are not life-threatening though they sustained fracture wounds in the explosion, Agbulos said.
Three persons were killed in the explosion, two of whom members of an entourage of the wedding of an architect and his fiancee

The wedding of Clifford John Lanipa and Cristy Ann Isidro scheduled on Monday was called off because of the tragic incident.

Most of the 27 injured victims were the wedding couple’s guest-relatives and friends from Pagadian.

One of the fatalities, a woman was declared dead on arrival at the hospital while the other two were recovered dead at the explosion site.

Here’s the complete list of victims of the explosion provided by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) with the PNP as its source:
Fatalities —
Rowel Barcelona , 51 of Basilan
Fidel Aguias, 24 of Pagadian
“Mariz”, 30

Injured/ Brent Hospital —
Genevieve Balais, 22, of Basilan
Jennifer Balais, 23, of  Basilan
Jonas Lasco, 22, of  Pagadian
Antonio Enriquez, 19, of Zamboanga City
Julie Ann Musang, 48, of Zamboanga City
Virginia Morsilla, 48, of Zamboanga City
Reliche Umbo, 3
Injured/Ciudad Medical —
Christie Amor Lanipa, 22, of Pagadian
Raul Domalagan, 38, of Pagadian
Arsenia Sitin, 20, of Jolo
Rowena Barcelona
Injured/Zambo Medical Center —
Flordeliza Lanipa of Pagadian
Carmelita Lanipa of Pagadian
Eric Bancayrin, 29, of Zambo City
Elvie Delgado, 33, of Basilan
Cpl Asmara Halili, 39
Sgt. Jerick Galang, 32
Pvt. John Lloyd Librando, 21
Edzel Bandiola, 21, of Zamboanga City
Kent Alvarez, 30, of Zamboanga City
Geronimo Coronel, 38, of Zamboanga City
Nelia Payto, 32, of Zamboanga City
Johnrel Banina, 26, of Zamboanga Sibugay
Merlie Fernandez, 39, of Zamboanga del Norte
Aiza Syuhaizah Adzman, 4
Injured/ ZAEC Community Hospital —
Christine Lanipa
Emilie Lanipa. — Dan Toribio Jr. with report from PIA