Groom of tragedy-struck wedding not happy how authorities handled post bombing rescue operations PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 December 2011 14:58

Clifford John Lanipa, whose wedding was called off after a powerful explosion in a pension house in Canelar killed two members of the entourage and injured several relatives and guests, yesterday voiced out his sentiment on authorities for failure to conduct swift rescue of victims of last Sunday’s bomb attack.

Lanipa said had authorities moved quickly and immediately retrieved the bodies of the victims, his best friend and best man, Fidel Aguias, could have survived and recovered from blast injuries.

Lanipa and his fiancée Cristy Ann went to the DIPO (Directorate Integrated for Police Operations) office yesterday during the presentation to the media of a suspected bomber. The couple expressed his sentiment on how lawmen and other government men handled the situation at the pension house after the explosion.
Lanipa, who talked in front of Mayor Celso Lobregat and police officials, questioned the manner by they retrieved the body of  Agias.
Lanipa said that after he could not find Agias in any of the hospitals where the victims were taken, he returned to the blast site and started searching for him.

He said that few hours after the bombing and the fire was placed under control, he pleaded to authorities to continue the search and rescue especially at the room where Agias was billeted as nobody saw him out of the pension after the blast.

But according to Lanipa, his request was not granted by authorities and instead the latter decided to stop the search and rescue operations and deferred it the next or following day

Lanipa said he was very sad when Agias’ body was recovered near the room where he checked in and where the place he requested the authorities to continue the search hours after the blast.

Lanipa said had authorities granted his request, Agias could have been alive today.

“It really hurt,”Lanipa said, while he was voicing out his sentiments before Lobregat and the police officials.

On the other hand, Lobregat and the police officials explained that they did not take things for granted as far as the search and rescue operation is concerned.
Authorities and Lobregat worked hard to account all the victims who were confined in the different hospitals.

Lanipa had earlier told a television news program that they are safer to stay in Pagadian City than in Zamboanga City where he grew up. — Dan Toribio Jr.