Nuño to promote organic fertilizer PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 December 2011 17:37

Councilor Lilia Macrohon-Nuño, chairperson of the City Council’s Committee on Health and Sanitation, is set to help propagate the use of organic fertilizer for farming and backyard gardening.

Nuño said she attended a  seminar on the propagation and use of organic fertilizer last November 28 to 30,2011 sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and held at Agriculture Training Institute in Quezon City.
Nuño attended the seminar as part of the program of the Committee on Health and Sanitation Chairperson in partnership with the City Agriculture Office to help constituents, Rural Development Club and Home Economics Extension of the City Agriculture.

The seminar was a nationwide gathering attended by all chairmen of Committee on Health and Sanitation and offcials of the Rural  Development Club and Home Economics Extension of the every City Agriculture Offices.

Nuño said it is very easy to make an organic fertilizer. Example: Banana skin or any kind of vegetable can be mixed with sugar and are fermented for a certain period of time. Once fermented, it can be used a organic liquid fertilizer.

According to Nuño, too much use  of commercial  fertilizer in rice production or in all of  kinds  of  agricultural crops causes cancer or other sickness. — Allen Abastillas