DTI tells buyers, sellers: Be guided by SRP on noche buena products PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 17:08

To prevent overpricing by retailers and as a guide to consumers, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently released the suggested retail prices (SRPs) of food products commonly used for the traditional Filipino noche buena.

The SRP, according to the DTI are pegged by the manufacturers of the products at a price level that is deemed fair for both the buyers and sellers. Retailers selling above the SRP may be charged by the DTI for profiteering

Among the products covered by the noche buena SRPs are keso de bola, pasta, ham, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, creamer, and, condensed and evaporated milk.

For a complete list of the products and their corresponding SRPs, consumers are advised to refer to the printed copies of the SRP posters that had been distributed and posted in department stores, supermarkets and malls nationwide, according to DTI-9 Regional Director Nazrullah Manzur.

“The noche buena SRP is also posted on the DTI website”, Manzur said.

As an added precaution, Manzur called on the consuming public to carefully check the expiry or “best before” dates and the price tags of the product before paying.

He also advised the consumers to check and compare the weights of competing brands and to make sure that the price at the cashier is the same as that with the shelf or the item price.

“In case of price differences, pay the lesser amount,” Manzur said.

For inquiries or complaints, visit the nearest DTI Regional or Provincial office in your area or call DTI Direct at 751.3330. — LSV