Rally staged vs subpoena for 300 Albarka ‘john does’ PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 December 2011 17:11

More than 100 residents of Cambug, Albarka joined a human rights rally yesterday to protest the subpoena issued by the Basilan Prosecutor’s Office against 300 “john does” of Cambug,  Albarka.

After a brief demonstration which was also participated by at least 100 members  of different civil society organizations in Basilan at the provincial plaza, the group proceeded to the hallway of the Provincial Capitol where the Provincial Board chaired by Vice Governor Alrasheed Sakkalahul was meeting in a regular session and discussing the legality of the said subpoena.

A special investigator of the Commission on Human Rights-9 who was also present during the SP inquiry stressed that “the subpoena was irregular because there were no specific descriptions accompanying the 300 john does in the subpoena”

Prof. Jara Hamja of the Basilan Human Righs Action Network concurred with the opinion of  the CHR-9 and expressed his disappointment against the “irresponsible” processing of the complaint by  the Provincial Prosecutor Office.

Yacob Masid, IP provincial representative, an ex officio member of the Sanggunian, sponsored a resolution seeking to quash the subpoena.

Allan Pisingan of Bantay Ceasefire and Philippine Advocates Against Graft and Corruption (PAAGAC)  explained that the issuance of subpoena to the 300 john does will eventually result in the issuance of warrant of arrests to practically every male residents of Barangay Cambug in the town of Albarka “precisely because said barangay has only 604 registered voters based on the 2009 Comelec record and less than 300 are male.

Pisingan said the contingent was to proceed to the Prosecutor’s Office in Isabela city to picket there and formally file a motion to quash the subpoena.

Participating organizations were Kapatutan BaHRAN, SALIGAN, Bangsamoro Lawyers Network, Basilan Reform Advocates Incorporated (BRAIN),Basilan PeoplesCoucil (BPC), Philippine Alliance Against Graft and Corruption (PAAGAC) and Bantay Ceasefire.