CHO intensifies ‘A-B-C-D-E’ vs AIDS PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 December 2011 17:13

Memorizing the first five letters of the alphabet may just save adults from the dreaded Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

The City Health Office is again aggressively putting all efforts in its battle against HIV/AIDS with the use of the first five letters of the alphabet; A for Abstinence, B for Be Faithful, C for (the use of) Condom, D for Don’t share needles, and E, Educate oneself about HIV. This, as CHO noted an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS positive in the city from last year to present.

CHO Reproductive Health and Wellness Center Head Dr. Kibtiya Uddin revealed 22 new cases of the HIV/AIDS in the city, 11 from last year, and another 11 this year bringing the total registered HIV/AIDS cases to 39.

“22 of the total 39 total patients were discovered only in the last two years”, Uddin said.

However, City Health Officer Rodelin Agbulos remained calm with the recent statistics saying these new patients may have acquired the virus abroad and were only detected here.

Agbulos said his office is having success in detecting HIV positive persons because of the active role of the Local AIDS Council together with the office of Dr. Uddin.
Uddin made a clarification on the trend of infection among patients saying most of the patients acquired the virus through homosexual intercourse, particularly
man-to-man sex.

“More than 20 of the 39 total patients since 1995 have acquired the illness through male, having sex with male”, Uddin explained.

To intensify their campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS, CHO has lined up various activities this coming Saturday, December 10, which will be participated by national government agencies, non-government organizations, the AIDS Council, and various entertainment establishments in the city, in support to the World AIDS Day Celebration with the theme “Getting to Zero”. — PIA with report from  Jimmy Villaflores