Bomb awareness seminar held for hotel employees PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 December 2011 15:25

The City police Office’s Bomb Squad conducted a one-day bomb awareness seminar to the employees and staff of Jardin de Laviña Hotel last Tuesday.

The seminar was led by Sr. Insp. Cesar Memoracion, chief of the bomb squad.

Memoracion said the staff and employees of the hotel were taught on how to react in case they spot a suspicious baggage in the vicinity or inside the establishment.
He said that his team shared tips to the hotel security personnel on how to detect explosives.

Hotel owner Richie Laviña said he personally requested the police to conduct the seminar so as to avoid becoming victim of terrotist act as what had happened to some pension houses in the city recently.

Laviña addec that it is very important for his employees and staff to get familiar with explosives for them to help authorities in preventing any bomb attack.

During the seminar, bomb experts showed to the employees and staff the different kinds of explosives including an 81 mm mortar howitzer which is commonly used by terrorists.

Memoracion’s team lectured the hotel staff on how bombers disguise the bombs for them to bring them to inside their target places. — Dan Toribio Jr.