Celso turns over P17.1M projects in Bunguiao, Dulian PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 January 2012 17:02

Residents of barangays Bungiao and Dulian in Upper Bungiao rejoiced on Saturday as the city government unveiled and turned over 11 projects, mostly concrete roads and footbridges linking interior sitios and a rehabilitated school building that will help bring about quality education.

Mayor Celso Lobregat together with Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, District II Councilors Lilia Nuño, Nonong Guingona, Percival Ramos, Rey Candido and Eddie Saavedra and District I Councilor Rudy Lim and City Engineer Luis Despalo spearheaded the inauguration and turnover of projects costing a total of P17.19 million, demonstrating grave concern for the wellbeing not only of residents in the city proper but the far flung and remote villages as well.

Despite a Saturday, Mayor Lobregat and group drove through the interiors of Bunguiao and Dulian (Upper Bungiao) sometimes traversing through ragged and steep slopes to formally turn over the projects to the residents.

First stop was Barangay Bunguiao where 6 projects costing a total of P10.44 million were unveiled and turned over to the constituents under the leadership of Nestor Atilano. These projects, included two footbridges (one costing P958,000 and the other costing P1.09 million); 3 road projects—one, 230 linear meters long located at sitio Baluno with a cost of  P995,316,000; the second, 690 linear meters long located at sitio Sapa Seco with a cost of P2.920 million and the third, 690 linear meters long located at sitio Udjung with a cost of P2.915 million; and the rehabilitated and improved 2-storey 6 classroom building at the Bungiao Elementary School.

Bernardito Francisco, Bunguiao Elementary School principal, expressed gratitude to Mayor Lobregat and the city government for looking after the welfare of the over 800 students by rehabilitating the dilapidated school building. Starting today, January 9, Grades 4-6 students will no longer hold classes under the trees but under the newly renovated and improved 2-storey 6 classroom building turned over Saturday.

Mayor Lobregat after inspecting the school premises also committed the construction of a 3-storey 20-classroom building, to the delight of the principal and teachers, who earlier brought to the chief executive’s attention about the urgent need for more classrooms for the growing student population.

From Bunguiao, the mayor’s group proceeded to Dulian, Upper Bungiao where 5 road concreting projects costing a total of P6.75 million were inaugurated and turned over. The roads connect the interiors of Dulian making travel and the delivery of goods and products easier and more comfortable.

The projects unveiled were the 355 linear meter road at Dulian-Cansilayan worth P1.319 million; the 283 linear meter road at Sitio Berano worth P1.16 million; the 230 linear meter road at sitio Cansilayan worth P955T; the 307 linear meter road in sitio Eligna worth P1.294 million and the 300-linear meter road at Dulian-Bunguiao leading to Masaba worth P1.980 million.

“Estaba kwando nuay pa sementa el camino, bien malodo si ulan y bien mapolbos durante soles” (When the road was not yet paved,  we trudged on mud during rainy days and on dust during sunny days), Chairman de la cruz said, as he thanked Mayor Lobregat and the city government for the numerous projects implemented in his barangay. “Desde el tiempo di Mayor Lobregat, bien manada gayot came proyecto ya tene aqui na barangay” (We have so many projects in our barangay during the term of Mayor Lobregat).

Dulian’s new barangay hall is almost complete and its inauguration and turnover is set soon.

Mayor Lobregat emphasized that despite the distance from the city proper, Dulian in Upper Bungiao is very near the heart and mind of his administration. “Maskin lejos el Dulian, bien serca ustedes na di amon Corazon y pensamiento. Poreso mucho pa proyecto el que ay implimenta aqui na barangay”.

Dulian, he said will be one of the first recipients of the off-road vehicle that the city government will purchase for the different barangays early this year. — Sheila Covarrubias