Food poisoning, not cholera downed 2 in Sibulao — CHO PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 January 2012 17:10

City Health Officer Rodel Agbulos over the weekend revealed that food poisoning and not cholera caused the death of two family members in Sibulao, January 4.

Two other members of the Juan family in Sibulao remain confined at the Zamboanga City Medical Center for dehydration due to severe diarrhea.

Citing reports from the CHO team that he dispatched to the area, Agbulos said the Juan family could not ascertain which food triggered diarrhea of four of its members early last week. “They (the family members) said they ate plenty of things and they do not know which caused vomiting and  diarrhea”.

Roger, 25 and Ramon Jr., 17 died of dehydration due to severe diarrhea January 4. Two other members were rushed to the hospital the same day for treatment.

Earlier it was suspected that cholera, a water borne disease, triggered the vomiting and diarrhea but tests and investigations show that spoiled or contaminated food taken by the Juan family led to diarrhea and eventually dehydration of the four family members.

“It was found out that only the Juan family suffered the fate and it was because of the food they ate. When you take spoiled food, it is where bacteria lies and it will result to food poisoning”, the City Health Officer said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Agbulos disclosed that diarrhea cases have been on the rise the past weeks and that precautionary measures should be taken to prevent dehydration which may be fatal.

He advised the public to be extra careful in food-intake as well as to boil water before drinking specifically if the source is open wells or rivers.

The onset of rains cause floods and overflow septic tanks which may contaminate water and food. “We advise people to consult the doctor whenever they notice signs of diarrhea among family members and it is really important to observe all necessary measures of cleanliness, especially during the rainy season,” Dr. Agbulos added. — Sheila Covarrubias