Rep. Fabian still studying possible fielding of NP line-up in 2013 poll PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 January 2012 17:19

District 2 Congressman Erbie Fabian gave no hints yesterday whether or not he will form his own complete line-up under the Nacionalista Party in the city in the mid-term election next year.

Fabian said he is still thoroughly studying the blanket authority given to him as the party chairman in the city by NP head Sen. Manny Villar on the matter.
“I am still studying what’s good for the party and for the people,” Fabian said in an interview with Buenas Dias Zamboanga radio program anchored by Al Alhabshi at 91.5 wild fm.

“Fielding a complete line-up for NP is easy to do but the question is, will that be good for the party and the people of Zamboanga?” Fabian asked.

And besides, Fabian said,  the NP has an alliance with other political parties and this will be considered in the formulation of his decision.

“There are many things also to be considered and one of this is the alliance of the NP with the other political parties,” Fabian said.

Villar revealed the other day that the fielding of a complete NP line-up in the city depends on Cong. Fabian and that he and the NP are ready and more than
willing to support whatever the latter’s decisions would be.
“We still have more than enough time to decide on this. In the meantime, allow me to concentrate on my job and in serving the people,” Fabian remarked.