Celso lauds ‘Zambo de Antes’ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 January 2012 17:15

Mayor Celso Lobregat lauded members and administrators of an all-Chabacano group which uses the Chabacano language as the medium of communication in one social networking site in the internet.

Known as Zamboanga de Antes, the group celebrated its first year anniversary where it was cited for promoting the Chabacano language in its proper usage and correct spelling.

According to Councilor VP Elago the group is maintaining an online discussion thread which encourages the participants to use Chabacano properly and correctly.

With it, Mayor Lobregat expressed his commendation to the group for supporting one of the prioritized promotional pitch of the City Government. Under his administration the Chabacano language is one of the forefronts in the promotional campaigns of Zamboanga as Asia’s Latin City.

For years, since the time of the late Mayor and Congresswoman Maria CLara Lobregat, promotional materials were reproduced to expand its interest. These materials include Chabacano dictionaries, compilation of Chabacano Musical Selections, among others.

Lobregat continued the mission in preserving the same unique cultural aspect which is reputed as the sole propriety of the Zamboangueño pride thru the continuity and improvement in the production of some of these materials including the launching of the first ever Chabacano Workbook for Children “El Primer Alfabeto Chabacano”.

The affair was also graced by Zamboangueño expats who were reunited with their compoblanos thru the said group. Also present in the program were Councilors Rudy Lim and Gerky Valesco. — Richard Aliangan