‘My answer is YES’ — Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 January 2012 13:23

“My term as your District 2 congressman almost comes to an end, so many questions are being raised and my answer is YES.”

Thusended Congressman Erbie Fabian his Congressional Accomplishment Report (CAR) during the 2012 maiden session of the City Council held yesterday at the Garden Orchid Hotel’s convention center.

Many were puzzled as to what the congressman meant.

Just like Mayor Celso Lobregat, Fabian reported his accomplishment during the past year.

“Another year went by so swiftly. A year full of challenges, yet we remain hopeful, a year that ended with sorrow for our fellow Mindanaons, yet we believe in our power of resiliency. We, your elected officials will continue to deliver the best kind of service we can offer,” Fabian emphasized.

Starting of with the achievements made in the legislature, the congressman expounded on his work as the chairman of the Committee on Government Enterprises and Privatization whose jurisdiction is related to the creation, organization, operation, reorganization and amendment of charters or government owned and controlled corporations but excluding government-owned or controlled banks and financial institutions.

Fabian, as District 2 representative, has filed several bills in Congress where two of his bills the Establishment of the Pasonanca Park and the increase of the bed capacity from 250 to 500 at the Zamboanga City Medical Center are already pending in the Senate.

He said his programs and visions for education, infrastructures, sports, barangays, social services and health are already in place.

Millions of pesos have been appropriated through his Priority Development Assistance Fund for the implementation of projects such as multipurpose halls, irrigation canals, farm to market roads, water system, distribution of books, computers, tables and kiddie chairs for day care centers and many others.

Fabian reiterated his support to continue the PhilHealth program for barangay health workers, nutrition scholars, barangay intelligence network, tanods, barangay leaders including members of the press even without the assistance from the national government.

“I will look for other source of funds to continue providing Phil Health medical insurance cards to all my beneficiaries,” Fabian said.

The congressman said he has provided service to the people with utmost sincerity and dedication.

“The world consistently moves in circles. We are after all only passing through. But I believe to make our existence truly significant, it certainly helps to remember always that whatever we give, be it service, time, treasure or love, the same will return to us a hundredfold,” Fabian declared. — NS