Now title holder, Marvin Mabait prepares for fights outside PHL PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 13:29

Now holding the Philippine Superflyweight title, Marvin Mabait of Zamboanga City (Cong. Erbie A. Fabian’s Blue Stallion Promotions) is now being groomed for a series of fights outside the country.

Australian Boxing Promoters from the International Boxing Association and World Boxing Association who watched Mabait beat Rey Perez last Saturday already talked to his manager Cong. Fabian about their plans to feature the new Philippine champion in boxing matches against international contenders of such weight division in Australia and other countries soon.

With this development, Cong. Fabian congratulated Mabait who is a product of the congressman’s “Golpe-Golpe na Barangay”, which has already produced skilled professional boxers and title holders.

“I am very happy for Mabait, his victory is not only the victory of Blue Stallion Promotions but a victory of Zamboanga City. I will continue on molding local boxers in my regular boxing program to produce more champions in the future,”Fabian said.

Mabait came prepared and in good shape with rigorous training by Blue Stallion Promotions and the Penalosa brothers when he fought title holder Perez.

Mabait used his ring intelligence in outpointing the equally experienced Perez. The fighters had an accidental clash of heads in the mid rounds thus opening a not so serious cut on the head of Perez while another non-intentional head-butt in the later rounds opened a cut on the left eyebrow of Mabait.

The pug from Talon-Talon dominated in majority of the rounds and gained the nod of all judges.

Cong. Fabian and Gerry Pens Promotions Manager Gerry Penalosa were in the ringside personally supervising the fight preparations for Mabait.

After beating Perez in the Philippine Superflyweight Division, Marvin Mabait now set his professional boxing record of (W16 — L0 — KO10).

The fight was a battle of two ring tacticians with Mabait being the favorite because of his greater knock out ratio.

The Recom Dome in Amparo Subdivision, Brgy. 179, Caloocan City was jampacked and not a single seat was vacant watching the local Zamboangeno pug snatched victory against the formidable champion. — Bhong Simbajon