Valesco pushes for protection, promotion of Puerta Piedra falls PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 13:00

Councilor Gerky Valesco early this week visited the Puerta Piedra falls in Dulian, Upper Bunguiao and pushed for its development as well as its protection.
Deemed as a hidden natural treasure, Puerta Piedra falls consists of two waterfalls situated in the innermost portion of Barangay Dulian, Upper Bunguiao.
Valesco met with the barangay officials headed by Chairman Perfecto dela Cruz.

He reminded the officials that they are fortunate to be one of the barangays which possess one of Zamboanga’s great natural treasures and called for its protection as visitors continue to visit the river and falls in said area.

“I have offered certain suggestions and among which are measures to be adopted in order to protect the environment so the falls will always be in the pristine and clean state,” Valesco said as he also pledged support for projects.

Chairman dela Cruz said since 2007, Councilor Valesco has been helping their place in terms of infrastructures and promotions.

“In 2007, Valesco was responsible for the road concreting project leading to the vicinity of the waterfalls. He wrote then Tourism Secretary Durano and informed him about the existence of the waterfalls and the needed infra. Few months later, Sec. Durano sent a team to assess and later concreted a short portion of the road near the river,” Dela Cruz revealed.

Every week, Valesco is visiting barangays scouting for potential tourism destinations in Zamboanga City.

Valesco, during his first term in 2007, visited Merloquet Falls and posted some photos of the falls in the internet. That was the first time, people have seen such falls existing in the city.

“I am happy that I am doing something for the city. If indeed in your heart you really want to help, you have to walk your talk. I am not accustomed to be just sitting in one corner and gives out statements. Work. And I work with the people,” Valesco said. — ADL