Impeachment trial jeopardizes passage of Fabian watershed bill PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 February 2012 14:24

Zamboangueño bar topnotcher Vic Solis has expressed apprehension that the impeachment trial on Chief Justice Renato Corona, expected to prolong, will affect the passage of a House bill that Congressman Erbie A. Fabian has authored that seeks to protect the Pasonanca Watershed and Forest Reserve Area.

The bill has already been approved at the Lower House last year and is now in Senate for approval before it goes to Malacanang for the president’s final signature.

“If this impeachment trial will continue, the interest of the city is one that will be affected,” Solis said in an interview over Tatak-RMN Zamboanga as he was referring to the very timely and vital bill authored by Fabian.

Solis further said the Senate can no longer tackle other important issues like that of Fabian’s bill  considering the senators are somehow giving priority to wind up the impeachment trial.

Solis is only one of  many Zamboanguenos who strongly support Fabian’s watershed bill which he believes as a landmark piece of legislation as it seeks to protect the city’s watershed cover in Pasonanca elevating an expanded buffer zone into the category of park and wildlife reserve.

Solis said the measure was necessary in order to preserve the Zamboanga City’s watershed cover to protect the water source not only for the present generation but for the future residents of the city.

Fabian’s bill also provides an expansion of the coverage of protection to include the watershed’s periphery for better management of its land area and providing additional buffer zone for the watershed.

Fabian stressed that the bill also seeks to elevate the watershed reserve into a protected area in the category of parks and wildlife preserve in order to protect endangered wildlife species of both flora and fauna only found in the area.

Recent biological studies made in the area indicated the existence of very rare plant and animal life that are close to extinction.

Fabian is optimistic that his bill will get equal support from the Senate.

The Zamboanga City lawmaker expressed gratitude to his colleagues for their unified support in helping out on the bill to help preserve the environment and the city’s delicate ecosystem.

He called on the people to continue their support for all of Zamboanga City’s benefit. — Jimmy Villaflores