Zambo Achievers’ Awards now open for nomination PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 February 2012 13:20

The City Government’s search for Local Achievers’ Awards given to outstanding Zamboangueños are now open for nomination for the “Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga” celebration third week of this month.

The Search is an annual activity organized by the City Government and forms one of the highlights of Dia de Zamboanga celebration on February 26. It is intended to confer honor and prestige to Zamboangueños who have attained exceptional achievements and victories in various fields of endeavors.

The awards include Top Local Corporate Taxpayer to be bestowed on a corporation having paid the highest business taxes to the city government, thus directly benefiting the city; Top Local Individual Taxpayer for an individual taxpayer having paid the highest taxes thus directly benefiting the city.

The top Local Achievers will cover various fields that include: Sports- individual or team for outstanding athletic performance in their respective sporting events in internationally or nationally recognized competitions; Culture & Arts (Performing and Visual Artists)- individual or group promoting Zamboanga’s culture through music, dances, paintings and literary works; Public Service- individual or group for dedication and exemplary service to the people of
Zamboanga; City Government Service- an individual for extraordinary performance in the service of the City Government;

Community Service (Barangay/Civic groups)- for exemplary service rendered by an individual or group in the upliftment of a barangay. Investment Promotion- individual or group for promoting Zamboanga City as a sound investment area through their products; and Tourism Oriented Establishment- a tourism-oriented establishment for its major contributions to the promotion of the city through its outstanding delivery of service.

The highest honor in the search is the Orgullo de Zamboanga Premiar, which is bestowed on a single individual in recognition of his/ her significant and meritorious contributions to the city. Candidates may come from any field, including the academe, business and government. Those contributions must be documented and supported by several individuals who can personally attest to the importance of the candidate’s contribution. Nomination of this award may be made by any individual, group, organization or institution.

Deadline for the submission of nominations will be on Tuesday, February 15, 2012. Submission should be done at the City Tourism Division, located at the Paseo del Mar. Inquiries and other details can also be directed to the same City Tourism Division at the Paseo del Mar.

Awarding ceremonies is scheduled on February 25, on the eve of the 75th Dia de Zamboanga  celebration. — Sheila Covarrubias