7 Mampang families sign peace covenant PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 February 2012 13:21

Seven Mampang families have entered into a peace covenant along with many witnesses and various stakeholders.

The significant event took place during the celebration of Mauludin Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) last Saturday.

The public declaration of peace was made by the families of Francisco, Estrada, Delos Reyes, Sebastian, Amping, Hassan and Pioquinto through their legal representatives. It was deemed by peace advocates as a clear response to the call for peace in that barangay where gun bomb attacks had claimed the lives of several people.

The newly organized SALAAM Civilian Volunteers Association of the Philippines and SALAAM Police Center 9 of the Philippine National Police and Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace (IRSMP) took the initiative to spearhead the reconciliation and public signing of the covenant for peace.

With the support of the Barangay Council of Mampang, a ceremony was offered to pay tribute to the openness of the families to work for peace and live peace as a way of life.

Aleem Abdulwakil Tanjilil, Deputy Grand Mufti for Region 9, emphasized the call for Muslims to be model of peace and be in accordance with the teachings of Allah (PBUH) and the Holy prophet (PBUH).

Tanjijil urged them to have Islamic faith to be the power for reconciliation and peace.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo. CMF, Lead Convener of the Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace (IRSMP),  stressed the significance of celebrating solidarity through love of God and love of neighbor.

“Christianity emphasizes peace to be in everyone’s heart. Our faith serves as the power to live peace with our friends and families,” said Fr. Calvo.

The seven families through their legal representatives signed the first peace covenant where it calls the members of the families to be the role model in settling family feuds and maintain peace and order in the community.

The covenant envisions the families to take active roles as constituents of Barangay Mampang with a clear understanding that the peaceful settlement will benefit not just the families but as well as the community.

Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, vice-president of Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ), called on the leaders of the community to take care of the established reconciliation process and further enrich the values of friendship within them.

Police Supt. Hado Edding, in lieu of City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin de Ocampo congratulated the organizers and wished that from the day a peace covenant was entered into, there will be no more killings and forms of violence in Mampang.

Ustadz Abdulhasan Burhan emphasized greater challenges especially for the Muslim community to observe peace.

“As peace loving individuals, we prove to the world to be real advocates of peace. The event will be a starting point to inspire many barangays to promote peace.

The city DILG director emphasized the role of the local government in maintaining peace and order and be able to sustain peace efforts in all communities.