Zamboangueño cager makes big name in PBA PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 13:40

Another Zamboangueño is making a big name in the professional basketball league in Manila.

Rudy Lingganay of Upper Calarian recently brought the Powerade Tigers to the finals in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA)..

Lingganay is a former SCC (Southern City Colleges) Bulldog. Before making it in the PBA, he played for the University of the East Red Warriors in the UAAP together with fellow Zamboangueño Toto Bandaying.

According to Junie Navarro, who is also a skilled basketball player,  Rudy lingganay remains humble even though he is now considered as one of the best pointguards in the Philippines..

Lingganay also played for the Kuala Lumpur Dragons and did a good job during the ASEAN basketball league..

Playing in the finals in his first year as a PBA player was a big achievement in Lingganay’s career, who is known for his lay-ups and three-point shots.

Navarro said Lingganay’s dream of playing against Jimmy Alapag of Talk n Txt was a dream come true. He is also proud of his fellow Zamboangueños who won in the 1st NBA 3 on 3.       “Bueno huga maga Zamboangueño si dale lang opprtunidad huga na Manila (Zamboangueño players are really if they are given the chance to play in Manila),” said Lingganay who is considered the best Zamboangueño player now.