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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 13:46

Authorities are looking deeper into a maltreatment and child abuse complaint filed against a resort owner by a 20-year-old man and his six-year-old niece.
The matter was first brought to the attention of the Barangay Council where the resort is located and it was forwarded to the police for investigation. The City Social Welfare Development Office (CSWDO) came in to the rescue of the child for her aftercare needs.

It was learned yesterday that a certain Rey, 20, gave his statement to NBI investigators for possible filing of charges against the resort owner and two companions.

The six-year- old child is now in the custody of the Children’s Welfare  in Sta. Barbara.

CSWD officer Francisco Barredo said that based on their case study, it was found out that the child was sometimes being hung on a mango tree and the sister of the resort owner would prick her body with needle.

Based on account, Barredo said, the girl was sometimes stuffed in a sack and thrown into a pool. He said she will only be fished out of the water if they see her appearing to be drowning.

Aside from the two women, the child claimed that there was a man who works as driver of the resort owner watching all the pain that she had suffered.
“I would like to make it clear that all of those accusations are allegations of the complainants. Our social workers gathered all these information from a certain Rey and the child. There was never a chance for us to talk to the one who is being accused,” Barredo explained.

He said that the 20-year- old man has related to them how he was being threatened by his female boss while inside the resort.
But this reporter gathered another version of the story from one of the barangay councilmen who made a follow up study on the case.

Though he was not tasked to conduct the investigation, the barangay kagawad said that he learned that no less than the grandmother of the six-year old child, who is currently working as helper at the resort, is in disagreement with the allegations of the complainants.

“Hasta kame buyung na storya (We are puzzled by the story-complaint),” said the kagawad as he requested for anonymity.

However, Barredo said that based on the account of the 20-year-old man, the resort owner usually asked him to clean the swimming pool naked with
one leg chained.

The boy told CSWDO personnel that after cleaning the pool, he was being asked to masturbate in front of the two women and the man.

“Again, these are all allegations. We will leave this matter to the authorities. Ours is the aftercare of the child,” Baredo stressed.

The matter was reportedly brought to the Barangay Council by another female helper who pity on the condition of the child and the 20-year-old boy.

Based on a report, policemen have already visited the resort to serve the subpoena but the owners refused to entertain them. — Jimmy Villaflores