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Saturday, 11 February 2012 14:53

The celebration of Mauluddin Nabie or the birthday of Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) Peace be Upon Him fell on February 3, 2012 and was celebrated in the evening at AI-Hidaya Mosque, Sitio SibigtuI, Arena Blanco, Zamboanga City by the members of the National Samabadjao Movement Inc.

According to Dr. Pendatun I. Talib, Al-hadj, secretary general of the National Sama-badjao Movement, Inc., majority of various Muslim tribes in the Philippines are no longer interested to celebrate the birth date of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) as accordingly it is already unnecessary. Other group say to do this celebration it is Bidaa (as it is against the teaching of the Prophet) and as for other Muslims in the different communities, they do the celebration at their respective Mosque by reciting verses in the Koran and Hadiths on the life history of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. However the Sama-badjao tribe has not disregarded the practice and tradition of celebrating the birthday of the Holy Prophet and since time immemorial the tradition continues up to this time.

During the celebration, a group of Imam and followers in the community convened at the mosque where they recited the Kitab Baljanji and everytime it reaches a version that Dabbana (antique musical instrument of the Sama-badjao tribe) will play, reading of Baljanji will be stopped while Dabbana is continuously played by the Imam and the followers with the sound of the lyric or jikir is based on the version of the Baljanji purposely praising and saluting the Holy Prophet birthday with the intention or niyat that Holy Prophet is happy and he is with us during this celebration. This activity takes more than 2 to 3 hours until all versions in the Baljanji for the Maulud celebration are completed. This Kitab Baljanji is also recited during baptismal rite of a newly born Sama-badjao. During this night celebration, two banana trunks symbolizing male and female joining this celebration which is called Talihan are displayed inside the mosque with coconut leaf of various figures and styles stick on top of trunks. They also symbolize peace, tranquility and prosperity and upon reaching the verses in the Baljanji requiring everybody to stand, all people present in this celebration including children shall have to take one or two leaves of coconut with them and stand together and attentively participate in praising and giving salutations to the Holy Prophet. This demonstrated admiration is our intention or niyat and feeling that our Holy Prophet remained is in our mind and heart forever.

Sama-badjao people maintain their beliefs and understanding which need to preserve, protect and even promote the old-day tradition in celebrating the birthday of the Holy Prophet and maintaining this tradition will mean gaining much peace and prosperity for our people and the community as well, Talib said.

Sama-badjaos still maintain their immemorial culture to practice their traditions in the celebration of the birthday of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) including all other old practices of our people still remain. These were not disregarded in our heart and our mind for generation to generation, he added.

He explained that to maintain peace in our homeland, practices and traditions of  the old days of our eldest specially on this occasion should be preserved throughout and promote as this serves as foundation of the tribe and this has to be protected and not to be disregarded. — PR