Sardine population up when fishing ban lifted in March PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 February 2012 14:57

An official from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) announced that sardine population is expected to increase after the lifting of fishing ban in March.

According to Atty. Benjamin Fabios of BFAR, the bureau is putting priority on the sardine management plan implementation under its resource protection program geared to save the diminishing sardine population.

The BFAR, Fabios said, has started implementing the fishing ban in the “Sardines Capital of the Philippines,” Zamboanga City.

“It’s where most of sardine processors and canners are, and it is also where people can find [freshly] canned sardines. Plus, we export them that’s why it is our number one [concern] under resource protection [program],” said Fabios.

The ban is effective from December 2011 to March 2012.

Based on BFAR studies, Fabios said, the three-month fishing ban would allow the sardines to reproduce more. “For every kilo of uncaught sardines, you could possibly catch 27 kilos of sardines after three months.”

Fabios was a guest in the program Talking Points sponsored by the Philippine Information Agency, People’s Televion Network and Radyo ng Bayan.